Japanese Roll Cake premium 6 in 1 japanese roll cake
Welcome to
Kakiyuki Cake House!

Having immersed ourselves in handcrafting Japanese shaved ice dessert for years, we have now extended our love and passion into baking. In particular, combining western and eastern patisseries making.

Our cakes are hand-made, and they’re as delicious as they are beautiful. We believe that using only the highest quality ingredients, along with obsessive attention to detail in production, yields the most delicious cakes and desserts.

Our products are deliciously light and fit for modern palates. 

Have you met our
Snow Lady, Yuki?

Yuki is now also known as a fantastic Cake Lady, specialising in spreading joy through cakes, the much loved colourful Japanese roll cakes of remarkable softness and a unique range of quintessentially Japanese sweets.

Her love for all things fuwa-fuwa will never change. When baking, Yuki is often found stealing light and fluffy whipped cream with her finger, and lick it off slowly as she made it.

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